The Guesthouse


The main house of Kas Hamaka is an old (begin 20th Century) traditional Antillean house that is built out of coral and (wreck) wood. It was completely renovated but we kept the look and the spirit of the old authentic house. The main house consists of:
One apartment for 2-3 persons with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a nice porch with sea view. The living room has a sleeping couch for a 3rd person.
The second apartment can easily sleep a family of 4 or 5. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big kitchen, living room with sleeping couch and a huge porch with sea view.

Behind the main house we have built 3 spacious 2 floor apartments. Downstairs each apartment has a living area with kitchen, bathroom and a nice porch. The bedroom is upstairs on the second floor and also has a sea view deck (porch), where you can relax and enjoy the amazing view on your own sunbeds!

We have named it Kas Hamaka which means: house of hammocks. So you can expect hammocks all around. We want to create a nice Caribbean atmosphere.


The eye catcher of Kas Hamaka is a HUGE old Gumbo-Limbo (Palu di Sia in Papiamentu) tree in the garden. Nobody has an idea ow old this tree is, but it is breathtaking!


It can’t get much better. Kas Hamaka is located on the best spot on Bonaire! It looks out over the ocean and is opposite of the fisherman peer. Local fishermen sail out every day to catch the most delicious fresh fish. You can watch them as the sail back in and clean the fish they have caught. It is a great spectacle as different birds and other fish try to catch any leftovers.

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